Apple dominates other smartphone supplier in consumer satisfaction

The latest  Customer Satisfaction Index has found, not surprisingly, that people really like their iPhones.

The latest ACSI, which is published quarterly by the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and rates a wide range of big-name tech suppliers on a 100-point scale, shows that Apple is simply outclassing its competition in the mobile phone market, as its score of 83 bests its nearest competitor by eight points. Apple’s closest competitors on the latest ACSI are HTC, LG and Nokia, all of whom scored 75 on the latest index.

Troubled BlackBerry maker Research in Motion had the lowest score among mobile phone manufacturers on this year’s ACSI, as its 69 rating trailed Apple’s score by a whopping 14 points. ACSI founder Claes Fornell says that RIM’s low ratings shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who’s been following the news surrounding the company for the past year.

“Companies with weak customer satisfaction often have weak stock performance,” Fornell says. “RIM’s sales are slumping amid a bevy of problems, from hardware and software issues to server lapses that have caused email and messaging outages. Over the past year, share price for RIM has virtually collapsed.”

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