Intersoft Intelligent Shipper

Intelligent Shipper (iS) is a powerful suite of software that manages the life of a shipment from order through to delivery.

We have successfully implemented our products in companies such as Harrods, Game & Schuh where we have reduced time and costs significantly whilst improving sales through increased customer confidence and satisfaction.

Below is a list of just some of the more common used features of our system.

• High level of customisation and flexibility on our system and complete carrier neutrality ensures our solution is shaped around your operational process.

• Automatic order retrieval from e-commerce, retail software and warehouse systems (full integration). Reduce time to process orders significantly

• Multi carrier selection, print labels automatically with multiple courier companies in one place

• Automatic & predefined routing – automated lowest cost route all orders or alternatively customise routing based on destination, customer, shipment value etc.

• Proactive email notifications – your customers receive emails with tracking on their order. Can direct them to the delivery company for tracking queries. These emais are also often used to provide marketing information on special offers

• Proactive CS console – your customer services can now have full visibility of all delivery orders, open a log and much more, on one screen

• Full pricing control – manage all your delivery costs, internal charges and external mark ups.

• Invoice Checker – upload and automatically check your courier invoices for you. Errors are marked and a report is produced so you can retrieve the difference from your delivery company

• Reporting – Produce late shipment reports, retrieve money back from your delivery company. Produce customised reports in order to get the business information you need.

• Full accountancy & ERP systems integration

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