Data Backup Solutions

Online Backup

IT executives, network managers and many small businesses today face many challenges and one of the most formidable is protecting the vital enterprise of information stored on servers, desktops and laptops, which are distributed across networks. Today’s statistics show 70% of businesses fail due to data loss and worryingly only a third of businesses store their backups offsite. As a result, many companies who have suffered fires or computer thefts have lost their backups.

It is important for all organisations to keep a daily data backup. In some cases, it is a regulatory requirement. In our opinion, online backups are the safest and most reliable method of conducting backups. Statistics show that 42% of all tape backup restores fail, therefore by implementing a secure offsite backup solution, you can be sure your business is not being put at risk.

We only use the leading industry products to ensure your data is not only 100% recoverable, but it is also stored in a secure, bomb-proof vault that is replicated to several other sites. So not only do we backup and safeguard your data, we backup and safeguard our own. All data backups are encrypted before they are sent over the Internet to our data centres, to ensure safe and secure delivery of your data.

Tape Backup

Tape backup is the simplest form of backup. However, unlike online backups, it requires administration and planned schedule tape rotation, as well as the changing of tape(s) on a daily basis.

Tapes have been known to be less reliable and successful when restoring data, as the data is stored on magnetic strip tapes. Variations of environment conditions and magnetic fields can destroy the tapes content, so it is vital to keep the backup tapes stored in the correct temperature and environment.

Many companies with a huge daily data change still utilise tape backups, as without upgrading the Internet line, it would not be practical to transfer a large amount of data over a slow Internet connection.