Email Solutions

In-house Email Solution

With the evolution of today’s paperless technology, electronic communication is a vital business tool. We believe in hosting your email Exchange server in-house to benefit from fast speed email, secure email access, and integration to other systems, such as Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). All messages are encrypted and you have the ability to upgrade when you want.

Use Microsoft Exchange and benefit from centralised storage for easy access, shared calendars, professional and personalised email send and delivery, shared contacts, shared email, ability to access your email anywhere and simple integration for smartphones (BlackBerry and Apple iPhone).

Microsoft Exchange allows for personalised email for life. Create that professional company image and don’t tie your email hosting to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Keep your own personalised email domain name for life, regardless if you change Internet Service Provider.

Hosted Email Solution

Outsourcing your Microsoft Exchange server has become a popular choice as more businesses come to realise the benefits of a fully managed hosting service. We offer a fully managed service, giving you a cost saving on IT staff to manage and administer the system, hardware costs (no servers required to purchase), licensing, hardware warranty, spam and antivirus solutions, additional power consumption, software or hardware upgrades/updates.

Pioneer Hosted Email offers a 99.9% uptime. It is reliable and very secure.