Remote Working

Stretch working boundaries of your office environment and move beyond your office’s physical, with today’s revolutionised secure remote access.

Do you require remote access to your email and files in the office? Depending on your budget and requirements, we have the perfect solution to suit your needs. Currently, there are several applications that are available, some at zero cost, allowing you secure access from your laptop and even your smartphone (BlackBerry or Apple iPhone).

Since remote working operates at the same degree of functionality as working in the office, it is a popular choice for key workers in any organisation.

We are partners with some of the leading manufacturers and developers, such as Citrix and Microsoft, so you are always guaranteed a fast, easy and secure experience.

We can also provide a hosted cloud computing solution. The term ‘cloud’ is used as a metaphor for the Internet. It is simply a very secure web space that provides access to your files and applications that you use on a daily basis. This web space is only accessible by you and authorised users. The main advantage with the hosted cloud computing solution is that there are no additional costs for equipment or additional licenses.

Benefits of Remote Working
  • Drive productivity for your business.
  • Memebers of staff who are unable to get to the office, can still work.
  • Access to emails and network data from any location via an internet connection.
  • Remote Working forms an essential element of your businesses disaster recovery procedure.