User Support

One of the most honest observations we can pass on to our prospects, is that unfortunately everything related to IT has the prospect of breaking down. We have invested a large amount of time ensuring that our after sales, implementation and customer service is 100%, ensuring you have a point of contact should you need assistance or encounter any problems.

Contracted user support or Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

We give our customers the choice. It really is your decision. Either way, we will ensure you are not left with nobody to turn to, should anything go wrong.

We have invested heavily in a CRM package that allows us to log support requests or for you to login and request your own. The CRM also ensures our customers are able to follow and monitor the status of their problems. This also allows us to keep a database of our clients in a central location with all of their important information, easily accessible so our team of helpdesk analysts are fully prepared for anything that may occur.

Our fully certified trained IT professionals man our 24/7 helpdesk to ensure someone is there to help you, regardless of time. They are fully equipped with remote software to be able to put themselves in your shoes and view the problem first-hand. This is also handy when clients require quick refresher training tips on software packages they are using.

The CRM system also allows us to report on areas that clients are constantly having issues with allowing our account managers to detect trends and proactively provide the client with a further solution.