4 ways retailers can embrace ‘rapid’ retailing

Buying behaviour is influenced by convenience, speed and effective in store technology. Shoppers are increasingly impatient and want a ‘rapid retailing’ experience.  Driven in part by the instant nature of digital technology and proliferation of mobile devices, consumers expect instant access to product information and to move effortlessly between retail channels (mobile, website, in-store etc).

Here are some tips for retailers to embrace ‘rapid’ retailing:

1. Deliver a real-time, personalised and seamless experience

As the demanding shoppers of tomorrow expects improving levels of customer service across channels, retailers must deliver a real-time, personalised and seamless experience across multiple shopping channels. They should provide shoppers with direct access to information about store-specific stock levels so they can make choices about which channel to use and which store to visit.

2. Provide effective personal and in-store technology

Consumers will increasingly rely on technology. Online shopping systems must be easy-to-use, intuitive, personalised and highly responsive, irrespective of channel. The provision of web-enabled tills and internet kiosks enhance the shopping experience by allowing customers order out-of-stock items for home delivery. They must also be able to order items on their mobile device for home delivery. The shopper can then continue with their day of shopping without needing to carry bags from every store.

3. Ensure short delivery times

Customers will require shorter and shorter delivery times. Retailers need a highly efficient supply and distribution chain with 100% in-stock availability and same day delivery becoming the norm. If, for some reason the retailer is unable to offer the item immediately or the next day, it should ‘offer something extra’ to encourage the consumer to continue their purchase, for example “£10 off next purchase”.

4. Be creative in making the in-store shopping more experiential and unique

As we’ve said, shoppers want quick and seamless purchases. They will now need new reasons to spend more time in-store. Retailers must be creative in making the in-store shopping more experiential and unique. For example, retailer-supplied wi-fi will enable retailers to engage with customers whilst in-store, targeting them with relevant offers and personalising the shopping experience

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