Magic mirror will change retail shopping

An Intel scientist has designed a high tech mirror that will show consumers how clothing looks on them without having to try the garments on. Shoppers can simply stand in front of the LCD display and the technology will simulate their body type with how the fabric will fit based on the height, weight and measurements.

While the concept is about three to five years from becoming a standard, this could open the door for Intent to get into the retail market. Social media, 3-D printers and smartphone technology are already changing the retail industry, as consumers are beginning to adopt technological advancements such as mobile price comparisons and online rewards programs.

“The next five years will bring more change to retail than the last 100 years,” Cyriac Roeding, CEO of Shopkick” told USA Today. Shopkick is a shopping app that is available at top retailers such as Target and Macy’s.

Kevin Sterneckert, a Gartner analyst, believes that big-box stores such as Old Navy will become testing centers with no physical merchandise. While this is just a speculation, it could help retailers stay competitive with online-only retailers. As retailers start to adapt to the changing landscape, they might benefit from the retail merchandising solutions offered by Retail Pro.

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