Retailers can see boost in sales by sending emails

Despite the emergence of instant communications through social media sites and mobile messaging, retailers can still see a successful results by sending out emails to their loyal and new customers.

According to a recent survey by Listrak, 32 percent of consumers stated they have purchased items from a retailer in the past six months after receiving an email from them, reports Internet Retailer. The trend is significantly higher among older shoppers, with 38 percent of those aged 55 years or more buying items recently from retailers due to emails. Women are more likely to respond to these emails by purchasing items than men, as 35 percent of females stated they did so compared to the 30 percent of men. While the amounts may not seem incredible when considering that 83 percent of consumers open emails, there are still many opportunities for retailers when they make use of their email lists, the source says.

This strategy could be a contributor to the increase in retail sales that occurred in September, and it could lead to higher gains within the industry over the coming months. The Associated Press reports that overall retail sales rose by 1.1 percent during the month, representing some of the largest increases since October 2010.

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