iVend Retail


iVend Retail – for enhanced customer experience and profitable retailing

iVend Retail delivers integrated retail management solutions for the way retailers work today, implementing technology that is built to enable change, not just built to last.

In addition to providing traditional fixed till and back office server solutions as required, iVend Retail specialises in developing omnichannel-ready solutions for complex multi-format, multi-location, multi-channel and multi-sector retail environments.

The company is an innovator in retail technology and a recognised industry leader for cloud management and mobile retail.

The company creates functionally-rich and technically-superior components that form part of the wider retail technology ecosystem – integrating seamlessly with leading ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Sage as well as with customer facing applications such as footfall and RFID.

The iVend Retail Management Suite encompasses iVend POS, iVend Loyalty, iVend eCommerce, iVend Mobile, iVend Passes and iVend Analytics and is already being used by thousands of retailers in 45 countries worldwide to deliver profitable retailing and an enhanced customer experience.