iVend Mobile




iVend Mobile POS brings the experience of iVend Retail terminal point of sale experience to Mobile Devices. Retailers can now interact and transact with shoppers on the floor and process sales anywhere. iVend Mobile POS is the next generation retail offering by CitiXsys with an interactive point of sale system, combining personalized selling with instantaneous inventory look-ups, wireless payments and the powerful retail workflows. Retail workforce could now be more productive as they can immediately create new invoices, look for customer information, key in new customer data, process gift cards, and perform inventory lookups on the shop-floor while interacting with the customer.

Business Benefits

Faster Checkouts

iVend Mobile enables significant savings in time for customers and cashiers by acting as a queue buster.

Faster Business Expansion

Small format retail chains can expand faster into new locations and geographies. Similarly the large format retail chains can also expand their checkout points, especially in the holiday shopping season by quickly deploying mobile check out points.

Affordable costs

With little to no investments in IT Infrastructure, iVend Mobile turns out to be an extremely affordable solution. The costs associated with procuring and maintaining retail peripherals for terminal POS are far more than those of running mobile POS.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The money value of time saved for the customers by busting queues is an important factor in enhanced customer satisfaction. In addition to the time saved at the checkout counter, a mobile POS gives an opportunity to the store executive to upsell items while interacting with the customers on the floor.

Decreased counter space and Increase Inventory Assortment

iVend Mobile negates the need to have bulky, space consuming POS terminals and in turn increase overall floor space. This savings in expensive real estate space allows the retailer to increase the inventory assortments displayed on the floor.