Retail Pro


Retail Pro has been a leading international provider of EPOS & Stock Management systems for over 25 years. Retail Technologies International begun in 1987 where they started developing their world class solution. In 1990 the feature set grew and the market share expanded.

Retail Pro International LLC as they are now formally known then became a privately owned company in 2009. Retail Pro has continued to expand with strong multi-national capabilities. Today, Retail Pro’s world-class EPOS and Stock Management system powers retailers in 84 countries.

With Retail Pro version 9, the company provides a solution which specialises in providing cost effective, scalable solutions to small and mid-tier retailers who have an ambition to grow their business to new heights. Currently Retail Pro handles millions of transactions in more then 45,000 stores worldwide, in 84 countries, in over 15 languages.

Retail Pro is for all types and sizes of business from one store retailers to over 1,000 store chains. Retail Pro targets many vertical markets such as Apparel, Footwear, Gift & Toy stores, Furnishing, Jewellery, Sporting goods, plus many, many more.

Retail Pro International are based in Folsom, California and have offices in the US, UK, China and Australia and is proud to have business partners worldwide.