Service & Support

All good systems are built on the time put in right at the beginning with the preparation. For a lot of Retailers this can be a daunting task with manual inputting into spreadsheets, exporting data from legacy systems, etc., but we can help by making this process easier.

We believe with our professional and personal project management approach it will allow you as a retailer to fully utilise your systems be it a system like Retail Pro, iVend Retail or any other tool such as your e-commerce site, your payment processing module or your loyalty scheme to help run your business better and make the customer experience unforgettable enticing them back for more.

We believe in a step-by-step approach to ensure that our solutions meet your specific requirements and the areas which need to be aligned with your business workflow procedures are spot on.

Our retail point of sale software solutions offer a wide variety of integrated payment solutions to industry leading providers and processors – YESpay, Global Blue and more. Our tightly integrated payment and secure processing solutions give the retailer the peace of mind they can provide their customers with efficient, reliable, and more importantly a PCI compliant secure payment service.

Whether your customers pay with cash, cheque, credit, debit or gift cards, the sales process will be fast and easy. Retail Pro’s selection of payment solutions allows you to adapt to changing business and retail needs.