Success Stories


United by a passion for creativity and design three artisans became friends and partners. They open a shop at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain to showcase their avant-garde fabric designs and decorative items from their travels.

In 1963, they introduce the first Diptyque scented candle. In 1968, the first line of Diptyque fragrances is launched. Today, the three Parisian artists are world-renown purveyors of fragrance and scented candles.


Gifts, Apparel, Accessories
In the years past, Victorinox had a single flagship store, with their product line enjoying high visibility through other retailers. The retail expansion starting in 2008 required a system that ensured a consistent worldwide brand appearance. With goals set on high-quality experience for both customers and team members, Victorinox looked to Retail Pro to make their expansion a success.

Victorinox trusts its operations to Retail Pro since 2008. Victorinox has chosen Retail Pro due to the worldwide availability and support as well as the many languages it comes with. The features meet all the requirements, ensuring that planned future expansions can be realised.


The Concrete brand is a solid name in the industry, and they have found Retail Pro to help reinforce this reputation. Since 2001, Concrete  has rapidly expanded from a small family company to a flourishing retail empire and Retail Pro has been the solution that has helped to successfully manage this growth.

Ehab Helmy Abo-Zeid, Concrete’s IT manager, highlighted the fundamental role Retail Pro has played in Concrete’s success. With a large and increasing number of retail chain and franchise stores, the POS system has centralised operations helping to streamline inventory management, the merchandising process and production forecasting.Retail Pro has played a fundamental role in Concrete’s success. And the great thing about (this) upgrade, is that it has been accomplished in a short time, smoothly and without interruption whether in the stores or HQ.


Comvita’s origins are in the wholesale and distribution of natural health and skincare products. With their products a proven success, the decision was made to expand their business to retail outlets, starting with England. Comvita required an EPOS system that would be integral to its business and mutually beneficial to both its customers and employees. Upon opening their flagship store in London Comvita looked to Retail Pro to provide them with a system that would meet all of their requirements.