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Centrally London based, Pioneer Solutions are a leading managed IT support provider in London since 2008, including proactive maintenance and monitoring, 24 /7 IT support, server and network administration. As a trusted partner our customers rely on for advice and recommendations for all technology-based systems.

We believe businesses should not come to a stand-still under any circumstance, employees should be able to work problem-free without any negative impact on productivity.

Our award-winning support has turned the heads of small, medium and large corporate organisations, and our friendly and responsive IT support has aided businesses to grow and focus on their goals.


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Monitored Devices


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Being different is not enough, so we believe in being the best

Fast Response, Faster Resolution

When a problem occurs, or when you have a request, you don't just need an immediate response, you need a resolution. Mentored by a trained Helpdesk Manager, our award-winning Helpdesk team resolve 92% of service requests and incident tickets in under 1 hour!

24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance

Using state of the art remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools, we are able to monitor business critical services in your environment and perform expertly designed maintenance & weekly updates to your Apple and Windows systems in the background. Should a problem occur, a team of engineers are alerted and working to remedy the issue.

Business Growth and Operational Efficiency

We love a challenge, and we thrive on helping businesses grow with the increased productivity that our managed IT services can bring. By taking the time to understand your individual processes, we can provide you with technical recommendations and solutions to streamline your processes and increase overall productivity through an IT strategy that works for you.

When is the best time to switch provider?

Slow response

Does your current IT support company provide you with a response in less than 10 minutes?

Low resources

Do you have just one person managing your IT, struggling to keep up with the growth of your business?

Unscalable IT

Have you outgrown your systems and find users struggling doing the simplest of tasks?

Reactive Approach

Are you going around in circles with repetitve issues? Is there no proactive element to your current IT support?

No strategy

Do you have an IT strategy that supports your business' growth?

Increasing IT Spend

Are you constantly spending on IT and not seeing a ROI?

Your questions, answered...

How can our managed IT services help your business?

Not only have we proven to be more cost-effective than other IT support companies in London, but by outsourcing your IT to us you also benefit from an entire team of trained IT professionals with a wide-range of skills, right at your fingertips.

You won't need to worry about employment issues (such as holiday, sick pay and absenteeism), and you will have a dedicated Helpdesk on hand 24/7 who are renowned for their immediate response times.

Furthermore, a trained IT Manager is also assigned to proactively review your IT weakpoints and devise a strategy to ensure long-term efficiency, productivity and growth for you, your users, and your business.

How easy is it to change IT providers?

We can handle the entire process for you, making it an effortless and pain-free transition.

Your dedicated IT Manager will liaise with your current provider or in-house IT team to ensure we have everything we need. Our comprehensive handover documentation and in-depth checklists to ensure nothing is missed.

Our specialist onboarding team will then carry out everything remotely; implementing our best practices, cleaning up your systems and carrying out an end-to-end audit on the health and security of your systems to ensure there are no vulnerabilities, before handing over to the Helpdesk support team to handle you're everyday service requests.

And, don't worry, all of this takes place in the background to prevent disruption.

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