The right technology for your business

We often see businesses purchasing hardware which is either over-specification and expensive, or under-specification and not future-proof as they’ve compromised on cost.

We can help you find the right balance between the costs and the benefits, whilst ensuring the hardware you choose meets your requirements now as well as in the near future, to prevent having to spend again.

Slow start-up? It may be time to shut-down.

If maintenance tools don’t get you back up and running, it might time to consider new hardware. We can help you with it all; from servers, firewalls and network equipment, to desktops, laptops, tablets and printers.

Hardware refreshes, expertly planned.

Business equipment should be changed every 3-4 years to stay productive. Speak to our experts today for an in-depth hardware consultation. We will tell you what you need, and how quickly we can have it all built and delivered.


Save hardware costs with our easy finance and leasing models. With options to return your hardware to the vendor at the end of your agreement and/or upgrade to the latest model, buying depreciating assets becomes a thing of the past.

We make the buying decision easy with our trusted Consultancy, Procurement and Management

Do I need to be an existing customer to buy?

No, not at all! We can procure, configure, and install for you, with or without an existing contract. Just get in touch with our Sales team for a competitive quote today.

Not always. Thanks to our distributor relationships, we too can offer competitive pricing. Purchasing from us means we can always handle your warranty, asset tracking, and any issues you may face with your product. Optionally, we can also pre-build the device before it is sent to you, ensuring security updates are installed, the removal of any bloatware (pre-installed by the OEM) is carried out, and your software/apps are ready for you to start using immediately!

Yes – we provide, both, ready-built servers, desktops and laptops, and custom-built machines to your specification.


Products shipped


Servers procured


Laptops sold


Hours of consultancy

Established partnerships, competitive pricing

Over the years, we have established partnerships with leading hardware and software manufacturers and distributors in the world. In order to establish these partnerships, our Technical Sales staff undertake specialist training and examinations to prove their technical knowledge and abilities in the manufacturer’s product, and to ensure their recommendations are the right choices for you.

Expert hardware advice at no extra cost.

Whether you’re planning a hardware refresh, considering financing or leasing options, or just need some advice on the latest tech, our IT Hardware experts are on hand with a solution.

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