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Because no one likes trailing cables

Wireless connectivity is essential in any business; small or large. Most home and business routers have Wi-Fi functionality built-in, however, this is usually only sufficient if you’re in the same vicinity as your router.

This is not always the case if you have a dedicated comms/server room. In which case, wireless access points installed around your building will provide internet and local network connectivity to your users.

There are hundreds of thousands of wireless access points on the market that provide different features and security. This is where we can help.

In addition to finding the right access point, a wireless site survey to accurately plan your wireless infrastructure can assist in enhancing signal strength, avoiding blackspots and interference, and most importantly, avoid over/under purchasing hardware.

Cisco Meraki MR33


Cloud Managed, High Efficiency

Enterprise-class performance, managed from the cloud for faster deployment, simplified administration, and richer visibility.

Cisco Meraki access points are built from the highest grade components and carefully optimized for a seamless user experience. The outcome: faster connections, greater user capacity, more coverage, and fewer issues.

Cisco Meraki

Simple. Secure. Intelligent.

Are Cisco Meraki built for outdoor?

There are various models built for outdoor usage and indoor industrial areas (warehouses, etc), with optional external antennas, for wider coverage areas. Please speak to one of our experts to find out more.

Of course! We can install, configure and support any make/model of hardware, including (but not limited to) Aruba, Ubiquiti, Ruckus, Open Mesh, DrayTek, Netgear, Linksys, TP-LINK and ZyXEL.

Absolutely! Once our cabling engineers survey your site, we can arrange for the installation of your access points using new or existing infrastructure cabling.


We can help you plan an efficient WiFi network and save costs

With a comprehensive site survey to accurately design, validate, optimise, and troubleshoot wireless networks with best-in-class spectrum analysis and heatmapping, we can help you plan your wireless infrastructure to enhance signal strength, avoid black-spots and interference, and most importantly, avoid over/under purchasing hardware.


Industry-leading support services

Over the years, we have established partnerships with some of the leading hardware and software manufacturers and distributors in the world. In order to establish these partnerships, our Technical Support staff undertake specialist training and examinations to prove their technical knowledge and abilities in the manufacturer’s product, and to ensure our support service remains second to none.

Roam freely. Don’t suffer with poor WiFi.

Speak to one of our Connectivity experts today to discuss your requirements and the best options available to you.

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