Early Wednesday morning, a fire destroyed one of OVHcloud’s Strasbourg data centers in France, and part of a second one – according to Tweet’s from the French cloud provider’s CEO, Octave Klaba.

Firefighters were on the scene, protecting another OVHcloud facility on the campus from catching fire, while a fourth one experienced no impact.

The entire site has been isolated so currently all services across SBG1-4 are unavailable. Therefore, businesses with production servers/applications in the datacenter have been advised to activate their Disaster Recovery Plan.

The incident will mean disruption for many customers, and services are expected to remain unavailable at least for today.

At this point, it’s unclear how the fire started – but there’s no doubt that this will lead to an investigation as datacenters are built to suppress fire. Luckily, no one has been hurt in the fire.

OVHcloud is the third largest hosting provider in Europe – with 32 datacenters across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. The Strasbourg datacenter is one of OVHcloud’s 17 datacentres in France.

For an up to date status, see OVHcloud’s Online Status page.

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