As a support engineer, I often hear users complain about having to use the Outlook Web App to send/receive email.

Over the years, the Outlook Web App has greatly improved – and is almost as powerful and feature-rich as the Outlook desktop app itself.

Work from anywhere
One of the major benefits of using the Outlook Web app is the ability to work from anywhere – as long as you have an internet connection. This can be from a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile, at home, in the office, across the country, or across the world – and what’s even better is that all major web browsers are supported.

The Outlook Web app works exactly the same way as the email services you’ve probably used personally, such as Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail – but, with the look and feel of Outlook!

Save space on your computer
Busy people have busy inboxes, and with the increasing reliance on email communication, they generally have more than one mailbox to manage.

The more mailboxes you manage, the bigger your Outlook Data File(s) grows. Eventually you’ll reach the 50GB OST Data File file limit, or realise it’s taken up too much space on your hard disk.

Using Outlook Web App allows you to add/access shared mailboxes to your account all via your web browser and access the mailbox’s items instantly – there’s no need to wait hours for Outlook to sync.