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Businesses should not come to a stand-still under any circumstance. Employees should be able to work problem-free without any negative impact on productivity. To achieve this, you need an IT partner that encompasses the technical knowledge, understanding and trust.

At Pioneer Solutions, we’re proud of the fact that our award-winning support has turned the heads of small, medium and large corporate organisations. Our friendly and responsive IT support teams has aided businesses to grow and focus on their goals.


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An IT partner that supports you, and your business’ growth

Everyone promises a fast response. But, when a problem occurs or you have a request, you don’t just need a fast response; you need a fast resolution.

Our award-winning Helpdesk team resolve 97% of service requests and incidents in under 1 hour, with an industry leading average wait time of under 12 seconds!

Using state-of-the-art Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools, we have the ability to monitor business-critical services in your environment. We can perform expertly-designed maintenance and security patches to your Apple and Windows systems in the background. Should a problem occur, a team of engineers are automatically alerted and working to remedy the issue – before you can report the problem!

We love a challenge, and we thrive on helping businesses grow with the increased productivity that our managed IT services bring. By taking the time to understand your business and its processes, we can provide you with technical recommendations and solutions to streamline your activities. This, in turn, will increase overall productivity through an IT strategy that designed for you.

We believe in perfect planning, and with us, that perfect plan exists. We don’t just print an automatically generated report. Instead, every quarter, your Virtual CTO will present the performance of your environment and individual systems. This process will also help you strategically budget for the next 1-3 years; allowing you to identify potential problems before they begin to affect operations.

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Your questions, answered..

What systems do you support?

We’ve been experts in providing comprehensive support to all major operating systems for over 12 years, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux distributions. We’re able to support all types of server and network hardware, and software from any vendor. We even have expert CCTV and AV engineers in-house!

How can your IT support help my business?

Not only have we proven to be more cost-effective than other IT support companies in London, but by outsourcing your IT to us, you also benefit from an entire team of trained IT professionals with a wide-range of skills, at your fingertips.

You won’t need to worry about employment issues (such as holiday, sick pay and absenteeism), and you will have a dedicated Helpdesk on hand who are renowned for their immediate response times.

Furthermore, a Virtual CTO is also assigned to proactively review your IT weakpoints and devise a strategy to ensure long-term efficiency, productivity and growth for you, your users, and your business.

How easy is it to change IT support providers?

We can handle the entire process for you, making it an effortless and pain-free transition.

First, your dedicated IT Manager will liaise with your current provider or in-house IT team to ensure we have everything we need. Our comprehensive handover documentation and in-depth checklists ensure nothing gets missed.

Our specialist on-boarding team will then carry out everything remotely; implementing our best practices, cleaning up your systems and carrying out an end-to-end audit on the health and security of your systems to ensure there are no vulnerabilities, before handing over to the Helpdesk support team to handle your everyday service requests.

And, don’t worry, all of this takes place in the background to prevent disruption!

Industry-leading support services

Over the years, we have established partnerships with some of the leading hardware and software manufacturers and distributors in the world. In order to establish these partnerships, our Technical Support staff undertake specialist training and examinations to prove their technical knowledge and abilities in the manufacturer’s product, and to ensure our support service remains second to none.

Your business deserves the best.

Speak to one of our IT experts today to learn how our managed IT support services can help your business improve overall efficiency and productivity, and make IT issues a thing of the past.

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